Subway Surf

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Subway Surf. The objective of this casual game is to keep the train moving by swiping left or right to avoid obstacles. For example, you might encounter a group of commuters standing in the way of the train. You’ll have to tap the screen a few times to clear the way so that the train can continue. The levels get progressively more difficult. You’ll have to tap the screen more rapidly to keep the train moving. There are also more trains to avoid. If that’s not enough, you’ll also have to collect coins and power-ups. Can you keep the train moving until you reach the end of the level? This game is the perfect blend of fun and challenge. Let’s check out 10 tips for playing This amazing

Running is one of the most common type of games available on Android devices. It’s not just a great way to get in some exercise and lose weight, but it can also be a lot of fun. There are numerous games in the running category, and the same can be said for smartphone apps that simulate the activity. Some games add an extra element of difficulty by incorporating running as one of the primary mechanics. If you’ve ever played This amazing game, then you’ll know what we mean. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can play This game online for

Join the crew of the Vinterstation as they run their own underground train service. Loving and caring for their passengers is their only priority. But life above ground is difficult for an isolated railway line. Explore the world and upgrade your train to explore more routes, collect more coins and beat your friends. Get ready for a running adventure like no

In Subway Surf, you won’t be riding a subway train. No, you’ll be running a Subway Train. Do you have what it takes to run a subway train all by yourself? In this game, you have to collect coins and upgrade the train. You have a limited amount of time, so be quick! Collect all the coins and avoid those obstacles, and you’ll be on your way to the

This running game tests your reactions as obstacles and trains approach you quickly leaving you very little time to react. Avoid collision as this will slow you down and allow the policeman to get closer to you and eventually arrest you. Check out running games Good luck! Release Date August 2018 Developer Subway Surf was developed by Nativi Easy Apps. Features 3D endless running game on train tracks Smooth mouse controls Buyable upgrades Usable power-ups to help you in the game Cool graphics Platform Web browser Controls Drag left mouse button to left, right, up, and down to move.