Cheese Helix Jump

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Game Mechanics of Cheese Helix Jump

In Cheese Helix Jump players control the direction of the bouncing cheese by swiping left or right on the screen. Swipe in the desired direction to guide the cheese as it descends through the helix tower.

Timing is Crucial:

The key to success in Cheese Helix Jump lies in mastering the timing of your swipes. Time your swipes carefully to navigate the cheese through openings in the rotating platforms and avoid obstacles along the way.

As the cheese bounces down the helix tower, aim to collect as many cheese wedges scattered throughout the platforms. Each cheese wedge collected adds to your score, so strive to gather them all while descending safely.

Watch out for gaps between the platforms as you descend. Falling through a gap will result in the cheese being lost, and the game ending. Stay focused and navigate the cheese carefully to avoid falling through the cracks.

using mouse