Halloween Helix

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Game Mechanics of Halloween Helix

In Halloween Helix players control a bouncing pumpkin that ascends a helical tower automatically. Tap the screen to make the pumpkin bounce, guiding it through gaps in the tower and avoiding spooky obstacles scattered along the way.

Perfect Timing:

Success in Halloween Helix hinges on mastering the timing of your taps. Wait for the opportune moment to bounce the pumpkin, ensuring it clears each obstacle and safely lands on the next platform. Exercise patience and precision to navigate the tower with finesse.

As players progress through the game, the Halloween-themed tower becomes increasingly challenging, featuring eerie decorations, ghostly barriers, and haunted surprises. Adapt your strategy and reflexes to traverse the perilous tower and reach greater heights.

Scattered throughout the tower are delicious candies waiting to be collected by the adventurous pumpkin. Aim to gather as many candies as possible to increase your score and unlock special rewards. But beware of distractions that may lead to your pumpkin's demise.

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