Dinosaurs Merge Master

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To play "Dinosaurs Merge Master" and earn points or progress in the game, follow these steps and strategies:

  1. Merge Dinosaurs and Warriors: The main gameplay revolves around merging dinosaurs and human warriors. Merge two identical characters by dragging them together to create more powerful units. This merging process is the foundation for building a strong army.

  2. Build Your Prehistoric Army: After merging characters, place them on the battlefield to see how they perform against your foes. As you progress through the game, aim to build a formidable army with diverse and powerful units.

  3. Use Gold Coinage: Gold coinage is earned from battles and is essential for buying more units. Spend your coins wisely to expand your army and enhance your chances of victory in subsequent battles.

  4. Merge Strategically: As you merge characters, consider the strategic implications of your choices. Merging like-minded characters can create more attacking power and health, leading to a stronger army overall.

  5. Concentrate Power: Merge continuously to concentrate all your power into one super unit. The more you merge and evolve characters, the more potent your army becomes.

  6. Unlock New Dinosaurs and Warriors: Merging two new dinosaurs or human warriors together unlocks a stronger character. Keep an eye on your collection of characters by clicking the cards icon to track your progress.

  7. Travel to New Lands: As you successfully conquer lands and battles, you'll unlock more exotic and powerful dinosaurs with an insatiable appetite for victory. Travel to new lands and face new challenges with your ever-growing army.

  8. Explore Other Merge Games: If you enjoy "Dinosaurs Merge Master," the developer suggests exploring similar games like "Merge Army" and "Cyberdino." If dinosaurs captivate you, check out other dinosaur-themed games for additional enjoyment.

Points and Progression:

  1. Earning Points: Points are typically earned through successful merges. The more you merge characters, the more points you accumulate.

  2. Progressing Through Levels: The game likely features levels or stages, each with increasing difficulty. Successfully merging and battling your way through these levels helps you progress in the game.

  3. Unlocking Stronger Units: As you merge different characters, you unlock new, stronger dinosaurs and warriors. This progression allows you to access more powerful units to enhance your army further.

  4. Conquering New Lands: Successfully conquering new lands, battles, or stages contributes to your overall progress in "Dinosaurs Merge Master."

Remember, the key to success in "Dinosaurs Merge Master" lies in strategic merging, building a strong army, and wisely using your resources to conquer the battlefield and unlock more powerful units. Enjoy the merging and battling adventure as you become the ultimate master of dinosaurs and warriors!

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