Jumping Kim

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Do you remember the old school arcade game called Super Jumper? If yes, then you will love this super cool 3D arcade game named Jumping Kim. It’s the upgraded version of the old classic game and comes with many new features. In this game, you have to help Kim jump higher and higher by making her jump from platform to platform. On each level, you have to reach the sky and collect all the stars to unlock the next level. You can also collect golden bananas and destroy the monsters that come in your way. Are you ready to give it a

This is the story of Kim, the little pink squirrel who loves to play video games. Her family has a gaming center where they host various activities for the neighborhood kids. Each week, Kim and her friends play different games and have fun. One day, her friend Sally asked her to join her at her house to play a new game Sally had found. It sounded like it would be fun, so Kim agreed to go. Upon arriving at Sally’s house, they discovered that they had the same favorite game. The only difference was that Sally’s house had an arcade right outside her front door. Kim had never been to an arcade before, so she was very excited. When the two girls entered the building, they were amazed by the huge number of games available. There were so many different games, they could spend hours playing them all! Kim and Sally searched the aisles for a while and found a couple they wanted to play. Kim chose a racing game to play while Sally chose a shooting game. They raced to the center of the room and started playing. As they played, they realized that the games were getting harder. Kim and Sally kept on playing and after a while, they noticed that the games were getting even harder to play. They realized that the challenge was increasing as they played. Kim’s racing game was now much harder than it was when she first started. She couldn’t pass the first level,

Do you like arcade games? How about arcade style games? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you! Arcade games are all the rage these days and for good reason. They are challenging, fun, and best of all, rewarding. But not all arcade games are the same and not all games that look like arcade games actually play like one. In this post, you will discover 10 arcade games that are better than their traditional counterparts. Read on to find out

Do you like arcade games? If yes, you will love this one! Kim Jong Un game is an upgraded version of the old classic arcade game called ‘Jumping Jack’. You have to help Kim Jong Un save the world by collecting as many carrots as you can. But be careful, if you jump too high, you will fall and lose a

In this game you have to help the little green man to reach the other side of the screen by jumping on platforms and enemies. Upgrades will make the hero more powerful and will give you the chance to go through all the levels with the least possible

Controls Left click to jump.