Jumping Clones

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Are you good at solving logic games? Do you want to show your friends that you are better at solving logic games than them? Then Clones is the game for you! Clones is a 2D platform jumping game. You are the clone and you have to complete the levels by jumping on objects and platforms. There are yellow objects, red objects and green objects. Clones can only jump on yellow objects and red platforms, but he can only touch green platforms. Try to complete each level with three stars. The levels get harder and harder as you progress so good

Long ago, the Clone Wars changed the course of history. During that time, the Jedi Temple was attacked by the Sith. A great Jedi named Kreia had foreseen this, and she was able to lead the Jedi to safety. However, she was also able to sense the chaos that was about to come. She trained a group of younglings in the ways of the Force, and gave them special powers that would help them survive. She told them that they would become known as the Jedi their fight against the Sith, the Jedi Clones must rely on each other as much as they rely on their powers – because no matter how powerful they become, they will always be just clones of a single Jedi

In this game you play as clone. Your main task is to save the DNA of the original. To do this you have to collect different sperm cells and bring them to an egg. But be careful, the sperm cells are robots and they are programmed to protect the DNA. They will attack the clone that tries to take the sperm cell and they won’t help you. You have to fight them by using a gun that shoots clones. The sperm cells will change their behaviour if they come into contact with other sperm cells. They can change their direction, speed or even stop moving. The clones cannot attack each other but they can bounce off other clones. If you avoid the robots for long enough, the original will jump out of the egg and you will win the

When an evil scientist kidnaps the Looney Tunes gang, it’s up to you to find them all and save them. But that’s going to be no easy feat. These Looney Tunes have gone missing all over the world, and they’ve been replaced by evil clones! Jump in their shoes and use their abilities to explore the mansion and save them before it’s too late. Use your wits and skill to solve puzzles, find hidden items, and discover all the Looney Tunes and their clones. How many can you save before the timer runs

It’s the year 2113 and society has been revolutionized by the invention of the Cloning Vat. Now, anyone can become anyone else, with perfect imitations of friends and family members alike. But when clones start turning up dead, it’s up to you to solve the mystery and discover who or what is behind this deadly

Controls A / left arrow key = move left D / right arrow key = move right W / up arrow key = jump R = reset Esc or B = exit