Hoggy 2

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Hoggy 2 : The Game of Good and Evil, a 2D platformer with a twist. It's a philosophy game, plain and simple. There are no good guys and bad guys. There are no heroes and villains. There are only two sides, and it's up to you to decide who belongs on which side. This one : The Game of Good and Evil was developed by the guys at Mango Play of Austin, Texas. It's a game that makes you think, and it's for people who are tired of games that follow the same tired formula. If you're tired of games that tell you what to do, that push the action and violence button, This amazing game is for you. This is a game that makes you think and asks you to do what you think is right. You'll be doing good in this world, or you'll be doing evil - and that's the choice you'll have to make as you

On a distant planet, far from Earth, the only way to survive is to evolve. And evolve you will, as you take on the role of This amazing game, the last of your kind. With only one thing on your mind - to meet your master, you will go on a perilous journey through the stars as you jump, run and slide your way through a world filled with

The Hoggy series combines the gameplay of platform games with the exploration of 2D side-scrollers. Instead of a specific set of levels, the game has a world that is randomly generated at every new game. A character named Hoggy can jump, fly, wall-jump, and dash. The enemies are also randomly generated. The player's goal is to collect all the acorns and return them to their

This is a platformer game where you control a small hero named Hoggy, who must jump and fight his way through portals to gain access to the worlds beyond. This is an oldschool platformer with a twist. Hoggy can jump on his own, but he can also jump on other platforms to create a bridge to other platforms. As you progress, you need to get a little more creative with the platforms you create and look for the most efficient way to get to the next level. This game is inspired by oldschool platformers like Super Mario Bros, Megaman, and Link to the Past. The game is still early in development, so it may contain some bugs or frustrating elements in the future. There is an in-game level editor that allows you to create your own levels and share them with other players. The game also comes with some helpful tips for new players. Try HOGGY 2, it's fun for all

This is a game of great speed, fluidity and fluidity! Jumping to the right, you will have to jump to the left. Jumping to the left, you will have to jump to the right. Jumping back to the left, you will have to jump back to the right. Jumping back to the right, you will have to jump back to the

  • AD or left and right arrows to move
  • WS or up and down arrows or space bar to switch gravity