Firebug 2

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Jumping Animals is another awesome dodge-the-cobras game from the FireFox team. If you are looking for an addicting game that will keep you hooked for hours, this is the perfect one for you! Play this game and test your ability to stay away from cobras and other nasty creatures! You will find this game super challenging and you will need your wits and reflexes to stay alive. You can only move left, right, and forward. You will need to tap on the screen to jump and avoid the cobras and other nasty creatures. You need to complete the given number of levels to unlock the next level of the game. If you like this game, please share it with your friends

Over the past year, we’ve heard from many of you about ways to use Firebug to help you work more effectively. Today, we’re excited to introduce Firebug 2. Firebug 2 offers many improvements over its predecessor, including new features such as a new console and time travel, and an updated user interface. The new features complement the existing features of the Inspector and CSS Lint, and together they give you the best possible experience for debugging your webpages. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the different features of Firebug 2 and highlight ways to make the most of

In the future, Earth has been invaded by aliens. Their goal is to take over the planet. Only one super soldier, Firebug, knows how to stop them. You will have to help Firebug reach their base, the mothership. It’s an epic journey that will test your skills and courage. Jump from platform to platform and collect carrots to unlock secret areas and unlock faster routes to the mothership. Can you unlock all the levels and save the

Jumping games have been around for ages. From arcade games to simple mobile games, the variety has never been so huge. So, why should you play games like this? It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and family, have fun, and to improve your skills while playing. But, how can you improve your skills when you’re playing a game? And, how can you get your friends and family to play with you? Read on to find

In this game you will have to help this little animal named firebug. This little guy can only jump very high so you will have to help him get over some obstacles. If you like platform games and you like jumping games then we can assure you that you will love this one. Have

Controls Use WASD / arrow keys to move the firebug.