Crafty Miner

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Do you like mining and crafting games? Then this idle game is perfect for you! Crafty Miner is an exciting 3D action and idle game that puts you in the shoes of a miner. You will have to collect resources and use them to craft the best equipment, tools, and buildings in order to become a successful miner. Venture into mines, chop wood, mine for ore, find treasures, smith weapons and upgrade your hero. In this exciting game your main objective is to manage your time wisely and make sure that you are always improving your character’s skills in order to become more successful with each new level! This game is not just about mining – it’s also about crafting! Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate miner? Let’s begin with the tutorial below and see if you can survive our harsh world of underground

Are you ready for a mining adventure? Crafty Miner is an idle mining game that requires you to manage your miners and resources to dig as deeply as possible. Use the minerals you gather to research new technologies, buy upgrades, and hire assistants to make your miners more productive. As you dig deeper and unlock new levels, you will encounter stranger creatures lurking in the darkness. Will you be able to handle the pressure and continue mining or will they push you away

Are you ready to become a miner? Then welcome to the world of mining and crafting! In this game, your main goal will be digging and exploring the mines, so that you can find hidden treasures there. It won’t be an easy task for sure. But you will also get some help from the dwarves that reside in these mines. So – if you like miners, crafting, and 3D graphics – this game is perfect for you. Let’s begin your mining adventure

Let's dig, boys! In this idle mining game you will need to help Patrick the miner dig as many mine shafts as he can. Each shaft will have its own ore deposits, level and various other goodies that can help you along your way. Will you be able to build up his mining empire and help him achieve his dream of becoming the best miner in town? Let’s go

Are you ready for the ultimate 3D mining experience? Then get ready for Crafty

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