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Play Lines Lines is a theoretical ‘zen’ game experience where structure is similarly pretty much as significant as capacity. Spot or eliminate dabs to start a beautiful race that fills a drawing. The shading that overwhelms the race wins. Lines is the ideal game to play while driving or in other short snapshots of personal time. Play a solitary meeting very quickly or end up making a series of wins of 20 games in succession! Key Highlights Lines – Physical science Drawing Puzzle key highlights include: - 6 unique modes: Point, Delete, Cut, Draw, Gateway and Blend Day by day Difficulties - 26 accomplishments to open - 500 keen levels - Think carefully and rationale to discover the arrangements - Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for each level. - Endless fun! Guide Mode Tap on a line toward place a spot. Be brilliant and pick and key and rationale position for the specks. Some of the time you need to put one speck, different occasions two dabs. Eraser Mode Tap on an opponent´s speck to delete it. Draw Mode Draw a line with your fingers to associate lines for your potential benefit. Think carefully! Slice Mode Slice a line to stop the progression of your opponent´s shading. Entryway mode Tap the line across 2 spots to make a gateway. Your line will be transported from one spot to the next. In any case, be careful: your adversaries can likewise utilize the entrance you have made, so pick its area shrewdly! Guidance Tap on a line to put a dab. Be brilliant and pick and vital and rationale position for the spots. Now and then you need to put one speck, different occasions two spots.