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2048 is a popular puzzle game played on a 4x4 grid, where the goal is to combine tiles with the same number to create a tile with the number 2048. Here are the game mechanics and rules:

Game Mechanics:

  1. Board: The game is played on a 4x4 grid, initially filled with two tiles, usually with a value of 2 or 4.

  2. Tiles: Tiles appear with a value of 2 or 4, randomly placed on the grid after each move.

  3. Movement: You can move all the tiles on the grid in four directions: up, down, left, and right. When you swipe in a direction, all tiles on the board move in that direction until they encounter the edge of the grid or another tile.

  4. Combining Tiles: When two tiles with the same number collide as a result of a move, they merge into a single tile with a value equal to the sum of the two tiles. For example, if you combine two tiles with a value of 2, they will become a single tile with a value of 4.

  5. Goal: The objective of the game is to reach a tile with a value of 2048 by combining tiles strategically. However, you can continue playing even after reaching 2048 to achieve a higher score.

  6. Game Over: The game is over when the grid is full, and you can't make any more valid moves (i.e., no more adjacent tiles with the same value).

Remember that successful play in 2048 requires careful planning and strategy, as you need to anticipate how tiles will merge and plan your moves accordingly to reach higher values and achieve your objectives. Good luck!

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