Atari Asteroids

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Play Atari Asteroids Distributed Marry Feb 10 2021 Sort html5 Sub Sort Javascript HTTPS prepared Yes Portable prepared Yes Versatile Mode Scene Measurements 1280x720 Organization Atari Classifications Arcade Labels classicspaceatari#shooting#asteroids Depiction Atari Space rocks is a space-themed multidirectional shooter arcade game. Control a solitary spaceship in a space rock field and watch out for the crossing flying saucers! You should move your spaceship by pivoting and utilizing your push! Shoot and annihilate all space rocks and saucers, yet keep an eye out! Space rocks will break into more modest pieces and space rocks that float will return from the sides. Every space rock will acquire 20 to 100 focuses. Furthermore, the game will turn into much harder when you arrive at more focuses. The enormous saucer will shoot arbitrarily and inadequately, however the little saucer is substantially more exact! It will likewise give you 1000 focuses! Remember to utilize the Hyperspace include, however don't utilize it too oftentimes or your boat may crash. Key Highlights: - Exemplary arcade experience - Improved interactivity for cell phones - Amazing modernized illustrations Guidance Utilize the console to move the boat and shoot the space rocks. How To Play Atari Asteroids