Word Duel

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Word Duel is another word games in which you need to find words hidden among others by removing some letter of other words. You can play this game in various ways, but the basic idea is to remove consecutive letters of same word from other words and reach a target word. The catch here is that this target word begins with the same initial letter as the removed letters so you wouldn’t be able to say it without removing any letter or using all letters as a start. So what do you think, will you be able to solve these This game ? If not, then how about if you have one more chance? This time, instead of a single round, we are going for an entire match! It won’t be easy to find all the words

This game is a new word game that challenges you to collect as many words and phrases as possible in a short period of time. The catch? You only have 60 seconds! This game is the perfect way to kill some time and test your spelling and vocabulary. Use your wits and strategy skills to complete the challenging Words, Scrabble-style! Word Duel features: - Fast-paced gameplay for casual gamers - 3 game modes for endless replayability - 26 different word types (with more coming soon) - Google Play Leaderboards – Compete against friends and players around the world for top position - Achievements – Complete new words faster than your or anyone else for that

Do you love word games? If so, This one is the game for you! In This one, you must use your vocabulary and spelling skills to outsmart your opponent. To begin, simply select how many players will take part in the game. Then, each player is shown a secret word card which he or she must use to spell the secret word on their opponent’s card. Sounds easy right? Well it gets a lot harder when you have more than one player! You see, word cards are played in a specific order that can be read from top to bottom or left to right as seen Instruction Click or Tap following in-game instructions