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Every year, the first day of fall brings a time of anticipation and excitement. The leaves begin to change colors, pumpkins and scarecrows fill the shelves of stores, and we start dreaming about snowmen that will appear in our yards come wintertime. This feeling of anticipation is what makes this season so magical. This year, we want you to enjoy this feeling with us. To make your wintertime gaming experience more satisfying, we’ve got some tips for you that will ensure your enjoyment. We’ve also got some fun activities for you to do with friends or family members during this festive season that will make it memorable for everyone. So get ready because it's time to

Enjoy this fun game from the makers of Little Red Riding Hood. This is a Christmas Arcade Jumping Mouse Game! You are a mouse to the village, and you have to make it through the day. You start off in your house. Next, you move outside into the forest where you get caught by a fox! He then jumps on your back and drags you down to his home in the forest! Once he drops you off, he leaves. You then have to jump around and collect food before clearing each level. From there, you can head back home at night when it gets dark! Try to collect as many stars as possible while collecting apples and other goodies along the way! The game is simple enough that kids can play it without any help (though they will need help with the controls). As always, we hope that our games keep helping kids have more

It is the end of December and you are going to be hosting your first Christmas party at your house. You have been struggling for months on what party games to play because all the games you know aren’t appropriate for children, or maybe too complicated for your guests. For that reason, we created a list of fun and appropriate party games that are perfect for parties of all ages. There's no better way to celebrate the holidays than with family, friends, and plenty of food! But before you bust out those Christmas cookies, make sure these free printable gift tags are on hand. They'll help make everyone's gift giving extra special this

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump