Wings Rush Forces

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Sonic has transformed into a super fast blue hedgehog with red spiky hair and green eyes, and now he can run as fast as the speed of sound! In this brand new adventure game you will help Sonic defeat Dr. Eggman once again, who has locked him up inside an underground laboratory laboratory where he created a lot of robots to try to finish him once and for all. But that won’t happen because Sonic is here to save the day one more time. Once you start playing this game you will see that the graphics are simply amazing. The game plays in first person perspective, so you will only be able to see Sonic from behind. Jump over pits, slide through tubes and destroy enemies on your journey through the many levels of this exciting platformer game. Good luck

Sonic Wings Rush is an arcade action game released by SEGA in 1996. It features the characters of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends who are now pilots of a team called "The Blue Wing Squad" which has the mission to save their home, planet Earth, from invasion of extremely evil alien Mephitis VENDETTA and his minions. Let’s see if you can help our heroes to stop this alien menace and free the planet from evil. In this game, players control one of six playable characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big The Cat and Ray) as they fly over numerous environments while shooting at enemies to destroy them. There is also a cooperative two-player mode where players can choose to be on the same team or be rivals against each

In this fast-paced arcade platformer game, you take control of one of several characters and run through levels as fast as you can. You need to jump over gaps and avoid obstacles at all costs. If you fail, you will lose a life. Keep reading to find out more about this new game and how to play it well. You will get several characters to choose from in this new game. Each one has their own style, speed, jumping ability and features but they share the same objective: completing each level as fast as you can while collecting gold coins along the way. There are many stages with challenging obstacles that will require practice if you want to beat them quickly. Good luck

Have you ever wondered how it feels to fly like a bird and go on an adventure? Well, in this game, you get that opportunity. You are a blue hedgehog named Sonic, and your mission is to save the animals from evil hands. In this game, you need to run fast and jump over pits while collecting as many coins as possible. Sounds simple? It’s not! There are different challenges that await you at every corner of this virtual world. This is one of the most addictive games ever created. So don’t hesitate and let’s begin

Sonic Jump is the best arcade game ever! And now we bring you a new version of this classic game! This time, Sonic will use his super speed to run and jump. Try to beat your friends with high score as you can. Different challenges are waiting for you. You must avoid all the obstacles, collect coins, and upgrade your skills. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be an awesome ride! Stay tuned and get ready to experience a whole new level of excitement: New characters and new challenges are coming

Instruction PC controls: WASD and arrows to move on the keyboard Mobile and tablet controls: Tap the buttons in the game on mobile devices.