Truck Reign

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Truck Reign is an HTML5 Game where you have to collect items and stay alive as long as you can. Collect gold and other objects to buy new truck models and upgrade. Try to stay alive until the end of each level and try to get as many stars as you

A virtual world where you can collect monsters and become the T-R-O-U-N-T-H King. Drive your monster truck through different locations to collect stars and unlock new trucks or characters. Your truck will also be able to jump over obstacles, collect stars, and perform tricks to earn more points. You get to keep the points you earned or spend them on unlocking new trucks and characters. There is a life counter at the top-right corner of the screen which counts down your time. If it reaches zero, that’s the end of the game. Collect monsters and upgrade them to unlock new truck related upgrades. You get to upgrade your truck at the garage. Upgrade is purely based on your score and points. Try to collect more points as you can to upgrade. REIGN is a free game, so you can play it without paying anything. However, you can earn coins by completing challenges, watching ads, or by purchasing premium

You have to drive a monster truck to victory! Collect the stars on the road. Avoid the obstacles and get to victory as fast as you can. The more stars you collect the higher your score will be. Look out for power-ups and don’t forget to collect the coins. If you get stuck, you can unlock: unlock truck level, unlock truck level 2, etc. Good luck and have fun playing This amazing game

Monster Truck Racing is a free HTML5 game in which you race trucks. Playing this game can be addictive and enjoyable. You can play this game anywhere and anytime. To play this game, you will need to have a computer or a smartphone or tablet. The game runs on HTML5, so it works on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 or higher. It’s a racing game where you need to drive your truck as fast as possible to destroy all the obstacles on your way. Collect coins to unlock new truck models and upgrade your truck. So what are you waiting for, just go ahead and check out this

This game is an HTML5 Arcade Game. In this cool game, you are the driver of a monster truck and you need to jump over ditches and collect stars. The more stars you collect, the higher your rating will be. The game is very challenging and you need to act fast to drive your monster truck and win the race. Collect stars by jumping over the ditches and avoid hitting other trucks. If you like challenging arcade games and you enjoy monster truck games, then you will love playing This

Controls Left and right arrow to drive.