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Timberman is a simple one-button arcade game made by Game Designers U Paranagama and released on New Year's Eve 1986 in the form of their first title, Just One Button. The original concept was to create an action game that would be easy to learn but difficult to master. The objective was a simple one: hit the target as many times as possible within a ten-second time limit. The objective might sound simple, but due to the unique mechanic of being able to swing left or right, it becomes quite challenging to accurately hit the targets at different angles and distances. Even though the gameplay is simple, there are many levels and many opportunities for players to improve their skills. It is also interesting that even after decades since its release, this game has remained popular among casual gamers who keep on coming back 

This game is a great physics based action games in which you need to construct houses using various wooden blocks. The objective of the game is to create as many houses as possible before your time ends. Your time starts when the first house is finished. There are different kinds of woods, planks and bricks that can be used for constructing the houses. Click on the blocks to connect them and create a house by stacking them vertically or horizontally. You must be quick in order to build as many houses as possible before your time runs out. To play this game, use ARChic’s Mouse and Keyboard setup or Joysticks on PC

Timber Maniac is a block breaking game where you will have to match and eliminate same colored blocks to make them disappear. In each level there are blocks of the same color which can be eliminated by matching them. Once you clear all the same colored blocks from that level you move to the next. This game is for 1 player only and it has no single player mode but it’s a very fun arcade game for kids. Dance with snowman dance music, spell card, candy crush code and other google play games ideas to entertain toddlers and kids during this cold time

This game is a 1-player arcade game. You control a little man with a pickaxe and roll it across the screen, breaking rocks and trees. If you survive long enough, you can find some hidden treasures in the forest! There are also diamonds for you to collect. The goal of This game is to mine as much gold as possible, break as many rocks as you can on your way and find as many diamonds as possible. The more diamonds you have at the end of the game, the more points you will get

Using Mouse