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There are a lot of games in the world, but not all of them can be called fun. In order to provide players with something more than just another game, we created Stack! This casual game is easy to learn and play, even for those who have never played any kind of puzzle before. There are no rules or complicated mechanics - you win by stacking blocks in rows or columns of equal heights. How to Play: The goal is to get your block figure as high as possible by combining other blocks in vertical, horizontal or diagonal groups. You mustn't forget about the Logo section too! ;o) To start playing Tap the button on the bottom left and select from one of many great worlds with different themes like Desert, Countryside or City. Similarly, there are several sizes of boards with varying difficulties as well that you can unlock by climbing higher on the Leaderboards. Finally, like any other game out there which requires strategy and skill to succeed in, regular gameplay will help you perfect your tactics and hone your reflexes so that you can beat your friends and family when they challenge you after watching you

Hypercasual gaming is the new trend in app design. It’s a gaming style that seeks to have high-speed gameplay without having to invest much time. Hypercasual mobile games are designed for moments of downtime like waiting in line, riding public transportation, or even while you’re doing household chores like laundry or cooking. They’re best played on long trips when you don’t want to spend too much time playing an app but also don’t want to listen to music or read a book while you wait. These games should not be played while driving alone as they can be very addictive if you spend several minutes playing one after another. Hypercasual gaming is popular because it provides a faster play experience with fewer hours spent learning how to play a new game. You can be good at one game within an hour of playing it and move onto the next without having to re-learn everything from the start again. Some games within the category offer optional upgrades that take players further into the game once they complete their main game.

Today the gaming world is dominated by a few big companies. They own brick-and-mortar stores where gamers can play their games, test new titles and get help if they run into any problems. They also own an in-house development team that creates games on demand, often with short release cycles that keep gamers engaged with new content as often as possible. These companies have so much cash they don’t know what to do with it all. The other problem is the rise of mobile gaming. It’s easier than ever to create your own games and publish them directly to phones and tablets without the need for a middleman or even a dedicated game engine. So the smaller, indie game developers are being squeezed out of business, never to be heard from again once their services are no longer needed. That’s why there needs to be a new kind of gaming company, one that doesn’t rely on other players or internal teams to keep itself afloat; one that embraces everything about its community instead… 

Are you looking for a casual game where you can spend your spare time without much stress? If yes, then you are at the right place. We have compiled some of the best casual games available on Google Play. As a reminder, these games are perfect if you want something that is easy to play but hard to master. That means you won’t be able to finish them unless you commit enough time playing them. However, not all casual games are created equal, so we’ve picked only the ones based on user ratings and reviews from other users as well as critics from other gaming sites. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of the best casual games

The Play Store is filled with games. Some are a lot better than others, but how do you know which ones to play? This guide will go over the common elements of almost every game you can find on Google Play, with an emphasis on the hypercasual and casual genres. This means we’ll look at what makes a game good, bad.

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