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BattleShip is an HTML5 3D combat strategy game which takes place in the Battle of Bays and the War of 1812. Your goal is to safely land your fleet onto the shores of Lake Ontario and secure them before your enemies. You will lead your fleet into different type of battles, from simple reconnaissance missions to full scale naval combats. BattleShip features: -Huge variety of ships with unique characteristics; -Over 100 unique upgrades for each ship; -5 types of weather conditions; -3d graphics, ground textures, realistic water effects; -Online multiplayer battles, with up to 6 players simultaneously, or fight against AI controlled ships; -Save/Load game feature so you can continue playing even after closing your browser tab or app; -In-game map for setting navigation waypoints along the route during campaign

In this 3D upgrade version of the classic battleship strategy game, try to become the admiral of your fleet and conquer all the seas in order to become the most powerful naval force on Earth. Upgrade your ships with cannons and radar, upgrade your base and research new technologies to make sure you have the best fleet ever. Train a crew for each ship so they can be valuable assets during battle. Know when to initiate an attack or defend against it. Spend victory points wisely as every action you take can affect how well you do in the final evaluation. Keep improving until you’re ready for that big promotion! And don’t forget about those friends who will help you achieve great things: strategize together, build alliances and conquer all the oceans

Battle Ship 3D is an io game with nice graphics and smooth control. You must upgrade your battleship to fight other players who can attack you at any time. Upgrade your guns, hull and armor to defeat the enemy ships. Upgrade your decks,turrets and planes to get access to new weapons. In this game you must upgrade your battleships speed, armor, hull, guns and planes. The difficulty level increases from level to level and the player who upgrades the best will win. Have fun! - Upgrade different parts of the ship for better performance: Hull, Turrets and Decks - Fight against other players in real time multiplayer battles - Use your cannon to destroy opposing ships - Control various equipments for better

You’ve heard the tales of the great battles fought at sea. How the British Queen Elizabeth class battleships once dominated the high seas, smashing aside lesser foes and holding their place as the new masters of the ocean. Now it’s your turn to prove yourself. Upgrade your vessel to face off against more powerful adversaries. Work with teammates to coordinate attacks and feints in a bid to throw your opponents off-balance and take them down from within. Build a fleet of warships and form squadrons to sink foes from one end of the board to another before they can respond. Will you earn the title of top Battleship commander or be left in

In this game you play as commander of a battleship and your task is to destroy all opposing ships. Control your ship using your mouse – left click for firing cannons and right click for targeting other ships. Upgrade your ship, purchase new cannons and don’t forget to heal your hull

Controls WASD = move Mouse = look around F = interact with steering, sail, and cannons when standing close to them.