Sharkosaurus Rampage

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Sharkosaurus Rampage is a 1-player action game where you are the shark in the sea. The only way to rule the seas is to be a shark, and in this game your goal is to rule the beach. To do so you must eat all of the fish on the beach and avoid getting eaten yourself. The gameplay is side-scrolling and up-and-down with an action feel. You control a shark that has to eat all of the fish on the beach while avoiding getting eaten himself. There are various features that make this game different from other side scrolling games like A possible unlock system with multiple unlockable characters at different levels, levels based on difficulty instead of restricting you with an artificially hard first level, persistent upgrades as well as multiple types of upgrades like explosive ones, upgradeable weapons such as rockets, tridents or harpoons for catching prey, a full day/night cycle (which affects how fast the player regenerates health) and more! With This game we want to create a game that will keep people playing for years because of its endless.

Sharkosaurus is a game with simple rules but high scoring. You play as Shark - an amazing killing machine and you've got to survive on food gathering, dashing and killing. Each level is made of 3 parts: running through the jungle, jumping into the water and fighting against other predators. Your main goal in every level is to find a “cooked” elasmosaur steak. There are several of them hidden on the map but they are not easy to find. Steak can be eaten after being cooked which will give you energy boost for few seconds. If your energy runs out - GAME OVER! Besides steaks, there are also berries that will heal you when eaten. The game has 5 different maps with increasing difficulty so that even new players won’t easily get bored of.

This game is a free and fun Action Game. This is the top-rated shark world for you to play in. Explore the ancient secrets of the shark world! Discover all kinds of different sharks that you never saw before! After getting smashed by an asteroid, the ancient shark civilization has been destroyed. The creatures have gone wild as they try to take back their lost empire. As a survivor, it's your responsibility to take them out one by one with your trusty bowgun! This game is played using mouse only. Follow us and register on our site to get more updates about this.

In this action side scrolling game, you will play as a shark that just wants to have some fun in the ocean, unfortunately for you, all of the marine life has been terrorized and is now out to get revenge. You will play as Sharkosaurus and your mission is to go on an epic rampage, destroy everything in your path and come back alive! Keep smashing enemies and collecting coins along the way so you can upgrade your shark and make it more powerful. Don’t forget to check out our other fun games like Flappy Attack 3D.

This amazing game is free action arcade game where you will fight with huge killer shark which ate all the people of your island. Swipe left or right to move, jump and attack. Smash through enemies, dodge their attacks and eat up their energy to unlock awesome power-ups that will help you in your quest. You have only 60 seconds to survive and reach the final safe haven. Good luck!

Controls AD or left and right arrow keys = move W or up arrow key = jump Left mouse button = bite