Shapik The Quest

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In this game you have to find the lost crew members of the spaceship. You have to solve puzzles and explore alien spaceships to find them. It is a beautiful point-and-click type adventure game with a good atmosphere. The game starts as a peaceful exploration of the ship, but it soon becomes more and more difficult. The only way to proceed is finding all the crew members which are scattered throughout the whole ship. Sometimes you will have to combine objects from different locations or use your inventory in creative ways in order to solve puzzles or access new locations. Get ready for an exciting point-and-click quest full of aliens, strange plants, trap doors leading nowhere and other mind-bending tricks.

In this hidden object game you explore a strange world after your spaceship crashes on an alien planet. Your main task is to find all the missing parts of your ship and repair it, so you can leave this place. But in order to do that, you must find all the parts first! Exploration and solving puzzles are key here as you explore the deserted area of planet Zargon and its abandoned space stations. You will meet a strange alien creature who seems to know much about the planet and its people. He offers to help you if you do something for him in return. You need to complete 5 quests, but don’t worry – they’re not that hard 

Shapik The Quest is a Point and Click Game with an atmosphere of exploration, adventure, and puzzles. It’s an atmospheric game that takes place in a remote space station where you meet strange aliens, solve puzzles and explore different chambers. There are lots of hidden secrets that can only be revealed by paying close attention to your surroundings. The game has been created by two guys from Ukraine: Artem Babenko (artist) & Andriy Grech

In this article, we will talk about Quest - a game by Shapik - and its features. It is a third-person puzzle game set in a strange alien world with great visuals and an atmospheric soundtrack. You play as an alien tasked with saving your species from extinction by unlocking the secrets of the planet Karpatia. The game has about 10 hours of gameplay, during which you’ll discover new locations, solve puzzles, crack codes.

In Shapik, you play as a lonely alien sent to explore an abandoned spaceship. While the game’s puzzles can be challenging at times, it is also extremely atmospheric and incredibly beautiful. The game is developed in neo-Victorian style with a distinct fantasy image

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