Sand Sort Puzzle

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A fun and challenging game for kids and adults. Help the little green man to collect all the green peas from the table in this sort puzzle game. Drag, rotate and group like colored pea to solve the puzzle in this addictive free game for kids. Green pea has got to get back home before it is too late! Use your logical thinking to help the little green man and his friends to get out of this trap! Game Features: * Easy to play * Hard to master * Endless gameplay How To Play: - Touch panels with similar colored peGHzs or objects and drag them towards field where they are supposed to go - Use your logical thinking as you rearrange different colored pea so that they are sorted into groups by their shades, sizes or any other

Are you new to playing puzzle games? Have you ever played a puzzle game where you have to put the same colored blocks together so that they match up with each other? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this game is just for you. Puzzn Log is a fun and challenging block puzzle game. It will keep you occupied and wanting more. The game also has a reward system in place where you get points upon completion of each level and unlock new backgrounds, objects, and characters as well as upgrade existing ones. There are six different worlds and hundreds of levels to keep you busy for

Sorting things is a great way to help kids learn. When you play a fun game like a sand puzzle, it’s also an effective learning tool. There are so many benefits to playing games in your home with your kids. Playing games helps children develop social, listening and communication skills as they engage with other people. They also improve problem-solving skills, hand-eye coordination, concentration and alertness. And these activities don’t just benefit kids; they also help parents break up the monotony of everyday life. Here are some great ways to get your family playing more games

Do you like playing games? If yes, you must have played a lot of different games. Games help us pass the time and keep our minds active. In addition to that, they help us learn new things as well. And if you’re a parent, you know how important it is for your kids to play fun games so they don’t get bored of just sitting around all day. That’s why we’ve come up with this interesting puzzle game idea for you that your child will absolutely love

Have you ever played a game of sorts? You know, a little challenge for the mind? Well, this one is interesting because it has a lot to do with your spatial awareness and problem-solving skills! Let’s say that you have an entire room full of toys, but none of them are suitable as playing

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