Rule Your City

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City is full of bandits, and they are all up to no good! You need to get your ass back on track and become the sheriff again by defeating bandit gangs in each area. Are you up for the game

Let’s face it, the Wild West has been done so many times before. But not like this! In this game, you are the sheriff of a town in the old west that is infested with bandits. It's up to you put an end to their evil ways and restore peace to your city once again. As the sheriff, you have access to an arsenal of weapons, some brand new and some old classics. You must eliminate all the bandits but keep your reputation as sheriff high so you can continue your rampage against these villains! 

Welcome to the Wild West! In this game you become a sheriff in one of the old American towns. The town cannot be left unguarded, so it is up to you to guard it. You have to defend the city walls, shoot bandits and protect the people from danger. You can play alone or with friends, choose your favorite bandit and start your adventure! Okay, Sheriff! It is time to prove that you are ready

The Old West is full of lawless bandits who see towns as easy pickings. You, as a sheriff, have to stand up against those bad guys to protect citizens. In this 3D shooting game you’ll need to get the trust of the citizens first and then use that trust to foil bandit plans and lock them away for good! Do you have what it takes to be a sheriff? Prove it in this challenging action shooter

Rule Your City with the Sheriff and his trusty shooter. Aim and shoot at the bandits, who are trying to rob a bank again. Be the sheriff, protect citizens and save the day. 

Using Mouse