Rogue Tower

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Cult of the Viper is a game about finding your place in the world. Are you a kind person who wants to make other people happy? Or are you an evil person who only cares about yourself? Those are two very different ways to see the world, and both of them will be tested in this game. You’ll need to kill people and steal their stuff so you can upgrade your character and become even more The Cult of the Viper is an evil organization hell-bent on bringing about the apocalypse. They want to sacrifice as many people as possible so that a giant malevolent snake demon named Uketar can devour their souls and come take up residence on Earth. It’s not exactly a wholesome group, but hey — if you don’t have enemies, how will you know who your real friends

Rogue Tower is a fast-paced 2D action game, you have to fight your way up an Evil Magician’s tower filled with challenging puzzles, fearsome beasts, and cunning traps. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower and destroy the Evil Magician before she destroys you. In each level of the tower, you must find the key to unlock the door that leads to the next floor. Each floor of the tower has a set of locked doors that can only be opened by finding and using keys. You also need to find hidden “Tresors” (or treasure chests) in each level; these contain gold coins that you can spend on upgrading your character and buying consumable items such as health potions or magic

In this wicked world, only the mightiest can survive. So if you want to overthrow the oppressing rule and take back control over your land, then you should get ready to explore, fight and destroy all that stands in your way. Are you ready for this challenging journey? This is not just another incremental game with a different setting. This is a game about fighting against the system, where you will experience a completely new type of character growth and upgrade system that will force you to make difficult decisions.

Get ready for an upgrade! In this fast-paced 2D action game, you’ll battle deadly monsters and challenging bosses. You’ll also power up your heroes, upgrade their skills, and discover new equipment to make them stronger. As you advance in Rogue Tower, you will defeat enemies with faster speed and higher strength. But are you ready? Prepare to be challenged! In this game, your ability to strategize, react quickly, and pay close attention to details will all be tested.

Welcome to the world of Rogue Tower, a game that makes you a powerful monster trainer and beast warrior to fight with other players online. In this game, you have to collect different monsters and train them in various ways so that they can fight with other players’ monsters and conquer their castles.

Controls Left-click = Interact with the menus or use skills Q = use skill 1 W = use skill 2 E = use skill 3 R = use skill 4 D = use health potion F = use stamina potion