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Robox is a platform game where you control a little robot. Its mission will be to pass through all the traps and puzzles that are placed in each level in order to reach the exit of the labyrinth. You must follow the arrow to find your way, avoiding traps and getting as many points as you can before reaching the end of each level. The only items that you have at your disposal are your intelligence and logic, because everything else is hidden somewhere in this.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bobox! In this game, your mission is to help little box named Bobox in his adventurous journey. To win this game, you must use your best strategy and avoid those dangerous traps. There are plenty of challenging levels waiting for you to explore and conquer them all. Good luck!

It's the final countdown. You are alone in a spaceship and the self-destruct sequence has been activated. You have 60 seconds to escape before this ship explodes. But there are so many tricky puzzles and impossible riddles you need to solve before you can get out of here! Think, plan and act fast to avoid getting trapped.

Robox is a challenging and hard game. Your goal is to help the little robot survive as long as possible. You will have to avoid different types of dangers and collect bonuses to help you in that. You can also try to beat your own score or compete with other players.

In this addictive puzzle platfor game you must help the little robot to jump, avoid obstacles and get to the exit. Aim for the highest score, collect all three stars in each level and challenge your friends to beat your friends.

Controls A / left arrow key = move left D / right arrow key = move right W / Z = jump E / J = shoot R = reset Esc / B = back