Rabbids Volcano Panic

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The video game series The Rabbids has a new installment named Rabbids Volcano Panic. This game is a hilarious simulation game where you will play as one of the Rabbids. You and your friends will be helping the rabbid characters to stop their enemy from destroying their home by tipping over their volcano at the right time. Survive as long as you can because the more enemies that are coming, the higher and more dangerous the eruption gets. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Your only objective will be to tip over as many mountains in front of the volcano as you can so that it blows up sooner rather than later. There are some types of challenges that you may encounter along the way such as getting hit by an exploding ball or getting trapped in a cave filled with TNTs and other explosives. It gets even harder if there are other rabbids nearby or they see you already trying to tip over their volcano, they’ll try it too! Keep up with your good luck, stay safe, and have fun playing this free online simulation

Soaring high above the clouds in a volcano, Mr. Rabbid and his friends are having the time of their lives. But as they’re about to reach the summit, their ascent is interrupted by a nearby eruption! The mountain is crumbling and it seems that the whole world is about to be swallowed into the boiling cauldron! Mr. Rabbid and his friends have no other choice but to escape from this fiery trap before it crushes them for good! With quick thinking and courage, you’ll need to help Mr. Rabbid find safety along with his fellow comrades in arms: Mummy Rabbid, Firefighter Rabbid and Detective Painter! In this brand new Adventure game from Ubisoft, players can also enjoy an all-new story where they must use their own imagination to come up with their own solutions in order to save the day! Explore more games like this one on our website:

What do you do when a volcano starts erupting and your small village is in danger? Well, if you’re the Rabbids this means it’s panic time. Will you be able to save everyone? Find out in this exciting, new story from the award-winning creators of the best-selling games Rabbids Go Home, Here’s How You Play: The first step will be gathering our brave heroes! Use the arrow keys to move around or click on objects. Included with This Game: - The Rabbids are back in another crazy adventure! - Help them make their way through 12 dangerous stages by collecting items and solving puzzles. - Solve multiple mini-games and unlock new characters such as Thiede

The city of Prospect is about to have a very bad day. A geyser has started shooting steam and there’s no one around to hear it. The not-so-lovable, not-at-all cuddly, raccoon twins that call Prospect home aren’t too thrilled either. They’re going to go see if they can fix with explosives! In this world where anything can happen and does, the best friends of our little yellow guys are willing to do whatever it takes to save their town. They just hope it doesn't involve them getting soaked or frozen

The series of Rabbids games are a franchise of adventure video games created by Ubisoft. The games follow the adventures of the anthropomorphic characters of the same name, who were introduced in the 2011 Ubisoft video game Rabbids Invasion and have subsequently appeared in many other spin-off titles. A total of 10 games have been released as of September

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