Parkour Block 4

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RoBLOX Action Arcade game! Perfect for people who enjoy fast-paced, action-oriented games. This version of the game is limited and old – new version coming soon! The world has been infected with a deadly virus. In order to find a cure, the leading scientists of the world have locked themselves in cryogenic pods underground and activated an emergency protocol known as "ARK" which stands for "Alter Reality Keepers". UnfortunatelY you are not one of them. In order to become one of them, you must complete 30 challenges while avoiding being killed by the virus above ground. If you manage to do that successfully you will meet 3 special NPC's who will ask you 3 questions. Answer them correctly and they will give you access to their secret headquarters where you can become one of the ARKs and ultimately unlock the cure for this horrible it won’t be easy because there are many dangerous challenges with cunning traps waiting for you around 

Everyone loves video games, even people that prefer real life. In fact, there are people who like video games so much they do things like practice parkour in the real world just to be able to play it in virtual ones. If you’ve ever played Minecraft or another game where you run around collecting blocks and building things with them, you might be interested in learning about block 4 of Parkour. What is it?

Parkour, also known as freerunning, is the art of navigating a space in the most efficient way possible. Players start with a simple training mission and are introduced to new concepts as they progress. The fourth block is one of the final levels for players to test their skills and ability before moving on to the final level.

Another day, another block. This time, you get to explore the world of parkour and other types of awesome training activities. It’s all about getting your body moving and using your brain to conquer challenging obstacles. Once you complete each training course, you’ll be able to level up and unlock even more fun challenges. Are you ready? Let’s go

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