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Ovo is a platformer where you create your own stickman character and try to make it through the level. You must complete these levels in order and avoid getting caught by the patrolling guard. There are also a variety of challenges for players to complete, not just in the physical sense but also with regards to the time it takes to finish the levels. This one is available on Steam or as an app on iOS and Android. It has received many positive reviews, especially from users who are looking for something challenging and unique in their gaming experience. Other games like Stickman Golf and Stickman Climb have been quite popular as well that follow similar gameplay mechanics as This amazing game . This game is one of my favorite games because of how different it is from other platformers that I’ve played before, with its unique mechanic and challenging

This game is a challenging, platformer game with a stickman protagonist. The stickman must undertake various missions and beat levels full of obstacles. The player controls the stickman by moving both left and right across the screen to avoid obstacles. The game is unique because it's one-player only, which makes this an ideal title for gamers who enjoy challenging games but prefer to play solo. Ovo will challenge you with a variety of entertaining levels that are sure to bring out your skills. In addition to its great gameplay, This game offers an engaging story with a unique art style. Beginning in the far future and leading up to present day, the game follows the life of a stickman as he tackles all sorts of challenges that get progressively more difficult over

This amazing game is an innovative and challenging platformer game where you play as a stickman that has to run, jump, and dodge obstacles in an ever-changing parkour environment. This game features 1 player levels with each level increasing in difficulty. You have to complete the whole level without dying or falling off of the map. The game also allows for online multiplayer and even has leaderboards! This one is currently available on iOS and Android for free. Check out this addictive game

Using Mouse

Move Left: Arrow Left

Move Right: Arrow Right

Move Forward: Arrow Up

Move Back: Arrow Down

Spacebar to jump