Om Nom Bounce

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A simple and addictive game of skill, strategy and reflexes. Guide the adorable little ball named Nom through an array of treacherous obstacles in order to reach the finish line. FEATURES ENDLESS GAMEPLAY> – The gameplay is always fresh as new balls are constantly added to the mix. The procedural generation ensures that there will never be two games exactly alike! SIMPLE CONTROLS> – Just tap anywhere on the screen to make Nom jump. The controls aren’t very complicated, but mastering them takes some time and practice. 70+ UNIQUE LEVELS> – Each level requires a different strategy and timing to get through safely. There are many ways to tackle each level; it’s up to you which approach works best for you! 3 D PUZZLES TO SOLVE> – Each world has 3 increasingly difficult puzzle pieces which must be solved before you can advance to the next world. Once these 3 puzzles have been completed, you’ll unlock the final level! You can replay any previously unlocked levels by re-attacking them from the Home Screen menu. ENDLESS TRACKS TO MASTER> – With 24 unique tracks across 4 worlds, each with multiple difficulty settings, endless amount of replay value built right into one game! Om Nom is a cute little ball who loves eating lots of delicious foods like cookies, cake and candy floss. One day he accidentally swallowed a bug 

Om Nom’s been trapped in a bottle for so long he doesn't know what's real and what's not anymore. Fortunately, his friends are here to help him figure it all out! -Blow bubbles, eat grub, and match stickers as you play through delicious locations filled with quirky characters. Om Nom will have to use his wits to escape each new location before time runs out. "Om Nom is a very strange little fellow." – Dr. Ong. But don’t be just might be the cutest creature you've ever seen 3 Om Nom Bounce is an arcade adventure game where you control Om Nom’s adventures as he tries to get back home again! Help him along the way by eating different things and using your special abilities! With over 50 levels, endless fun and challenging puzzles 

Om Nom is a cute little alien creature who loves nothing more than eating delicious and colourful sweets. Unfortunately for him, his favorite treats are dangerous snacks that cause him to grow in size as soon as he eats them. Fortunately for us though, this only makes him even cuter! Help Om Nom collect bigger and badder sweets in order to feed his insatiable appetite! You’ll be involved from the very first moment: Use your finger to grab the candy as you run through different levels. Reach higher scores by collecting all the candies on each level. The objective of each level changes depending on where you’re playing. The game gets progressively harder too so don’t give up if you fail 

Om Nom is a cute little green creature with an insatiable appetite. Your job as his caretaker is to help him eat as many delicious sweets as possible! But be careful…Om Nom’s feasts are not always safe! If he eats too many candies or chocolates, he may get the sweet tooth that none of us can handle… Beware of candy decorations, chocolate walls, and jelly pits! It’s up to you to help Om Nom make it safely through each level. Unlock new paths, collect hidden items and discover secret rooms in this casual physics-based arcade game. Om Nom's Adventures is a bite-sized adventure game created by Zeptolab Inc., the creators of Hyper Light Drifter and other wonderful indie game

Om Nom is a cute little bumblebee who loves to eat and always finds himself in sticky situations. Om nom is constantly running into things or getting stuck somewhere new. Help him escape these crazy new environments while you play his favorite game, “Om Nom In Trouble”! Explore new places and trap your friend with the best puzzles ever made! 

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