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Crossword puzzles are one of the oldest known types of word games. These crossword-puzzles consist of a grid of a certain size arranged with individual letters or small groups of letters in each row, column and box. It is not entirely clear when and where the first crossword puzzle appeared, but there are hints that it may date back to the end of the 19th century. Around 1900, people began publishing crossword-puzzles in daily newspapers, and this soon became a popular form of leisure for many. In today’s world, there are numerous websites that offer crossword-puzzles for free download or as apps for smartphones and tablets. Crosswords have been around as long as word games themselves — here are some notable examples from history: The first crossword was published in New York City’s The Sun on November 27, 1913 by George L. Ellena in his Sunday puzzle column; The first daily crossword appeared on June 20, 1923 by Arthur Wynne in Baltimore Sun; In 1944, Arthur C. Hunt created an American version called the “New York Herald Tribune Crossword Puzzle” which was published for about ten years; The first Internet crossword appeared on December 28, 1996 on Drudge Report website by James Patrick Jerry Thrasher under the title “The Daily Puzzle’’; And lastly - one might note that cryptic crosswords are a subset within this general category.

Crosswords are great as an occasional break from your usual activities. However, if you have a particular obsession with them and spend a lot of time trying to figure out new combinations, you may want to rethink your focus. Crosswords can be addictive and it’s not just because they are simple to solve: solving crosswords is a great mental challenge that can actually help you improve your analytical and logical reasoning skills. In fact, many crossword solvers recommend crosswords as an excellent way to test your brain and train it in logic skills. We don't know about you but we definitely think there's some truth in that statement! A lot of people have been asking us if there are any tricks or tips for solving more difficult crosswords. The good news is that yes, there are several things you can do to get faster at solving them and find new solutions even faster. Today we'll be discussing five different ways that will help you solve crossword puzzles much

Crosswords are a great way to test your vocabulary and logical thinking. The best part about crosswords is that they can be enjoyed by everyone, young or old, kid or adult. Crossword puzzles are the most common type of word puzzle because of their simplicity. They require less thought than other types of word puzzles but more than enough to keep even the smartest person entertained for hours on end. Today we will tell you how you can play crossword puzzles on your smartphone or computer.

Crossword Puzzles have been around for ages! There are many different types of crossword puzzles. They can be in print or electronic form. Some are based on theme and some are based on clues. The objective of a crossword puzzle is to fill the grid with words so that each word has at least one letter in its row, column, and center slot. In this article we will try to understand how to solve crosswords - from the perspective of a solver. 

Do you like to play number games? Do you also love challenging puzzles? If your answer is yes, then this article is going to be helpful for you. In this article, we will talk about different types of number games and some of the most popular crossword puzzles that can help you hone your logical thinking skills. 

Controls Use the left mouse button to drag and drop the numbers.