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Pixel Mine is a Minecraft mouse game, in which you control a tiny miner who has to mine his way out of the screen! Your goal is to get all the resources from each level. But watch out! You have to match 2 or more gems and mine them all in order to get the resource value. If you match 3 or more, then it will activate one of 3 special bonuses: Super bonus that gives you 10x as much money for each matching gem. Mega bonus that gives you 5x as much wood for each matching gem. Super mega bonus that gives you 5x as much gold for each matching gem. To track your progress further, there are Achievements in the game too! And if you upgrade your miner, he can also unlock Achievements too. Use the achievements tracker below to check what goals you have left before upgrading

In Monster Mine, the main objective is to mine for gold and other valuable resources. The world is full of different types of monsters that will try to stop you from reaching your goal. In order to survive in this hostile environment, you need to build a powerful defense system. Some basic understanding of engineering would definitely come in handy here as well. This is where Monster Mine comes into play! The game is developed by Eeky Game Studios. Developed with HTML5, it has addictive gameplay and tons of upgrades that would keep you hooked for hours on end! Build an army of different types of animals and use their unique skills against them

Let’s play this new idle game called Monster Miners. You are a brave miner who will fight with the evil monsters to save your village and the world from their darkness. Construct buildings and upgrade your camp to protect your loved ones. Upgrade your miner equipment and weapons with special ore that is hidden in every level by building traps, secret tunnels, and other defensive structures. Fight with the monsters in epic combat! Upgrade your character, weapon, or armor to give you an advantage over them; but be careful – choosing the right one can also have its own consequences in

Are you tired of clicking and upgrading the same old pixel? Well, we have the perfect game for you. In Minicraft, you will take control of several different types of monsters that can be combined to make even more powerful creatures. As you progress through the game, your enemies will get harder and harder. You must work as a team if your are going to survive! Combine different mouse types or merge them together to create the ultimate mouse in this fun clicker

Are you ready to destroy the world? Are you ready to build it up from nothing? If so, then welcome to Minemercre! In this game you are a tiny miner who is going to merge with other min-peculiar creatures in order to grow stronger. Create new alliances and trust no one as you make your way through the game. There will be times when it seems like everyone is against you, but don’t give up! With hard work and good planning.

Controls Use the left mouse button to mine and merge.