Metal Black Wars

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Metal War is a one-button arcade game in which you have to eliminate the other players before they eliminate you. It’s fast and furious with more than just guns involved. You have to outsmart your opponents with traps, mines and special abilities. This is an awesome action packed arcade game! Are you a skilled strategist who can lay traps and think two steps ahead of your enemies? Are you someone that prefers to seek cover and ambush your opponents? If so, then this game might be just what you need! In Metal War, there are 5 different types of metal that can be used by each player: wood, gold, stone, iron and steel. Those metals are the resources that players need to build structures, upgrade their own abilities or use traps against the others. The first player to collect 10 resources wins the

Metal War is a fighting game with RPG elements. Fight against the enemies in a war full of dangers and surprises. Develop your own army and make it stronger by hiring new soldiers or upgrading old warriors. You command an army of mechs, tanks and aircrafts in battles against other players or computer-controlled opponents. Combat them using explosive weapons, guns, missiles and more! In this epic battle for existence, you will discover 80+ types of mechs to pilot. Each mech has its strengths and weaknesses, so choose your battles wisely. Build up an armory of gears, stats and abilities to equip your soldiers; mix them up to make the best team possible. Then take those pilots into battle against the relentless

Metal War is a Real-time Strategy game where you need to command your own army and defeat the enemy army in battle to win the war. You will face different types of enemies with different tactics, so you need to be smart in order to win. It’s up to you if you are going to be a General who knows everything about warfare or a green Recruit who gets trained by an experienced General. You will have several choices that can determine whether or not your military career ends up being successful. If you’re ready for action, read on and find out what it takes to become the next Great General of your

Metal Wars is a fully 3D third-person action game with RPG elements. The player takes the role of a Soldier in this war against mechanical creatures known as Titans. The Titans were created by humans to fight each other but soon turned against their creators and became a threat to humanity. You are one of the soldiers fighting alongside the Global Defense Force (GDF) to stop these hideous machines from taking over the world. KEY

There is a war between the Metal and the Harmony. The metal creatures suddenly appeared from another world. Every metal creature wants to rule this world. You play as those small creatures who are not able to fight back against metal armies let alone destroy them. As small creatures, it's up to you to unite with other small creatures and create a army that can destroy these metal armies before they overpopulate and take over this

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