Magic Pom

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Play Magic Pom Distributed Mon Apr 19 2021 Sort html5 Sub Sort Build 3 HTTPS prepared Yes Versatile prepared Yes Portable Mode Picture Measurements 720x1280 Organization Recluse Crab Game Studio Classes Puzzle Labels #casual#fun#puzzle#challenging#cute Portrayal Wizardry Pom is an adorable easygoing riddle game! Interface at least 3 comparative Poms to make focuses inside as far as possible and arrive at the goals in each level. Gain focuses to gather Pom packs and purchase new capacities. Melodies: In-Game: Bounce and Run - Tropical Blend (OpenGameArt) Shop: Purchase something! - Autor: Cleyton Kauffman Sorcery: Go Around (Altered) - Autor: Yubatake Music Subject: Rainbow Woodland - Autor: Quincas Moreira Key Highlights - You can get various Poms and Forces - Connection at least 3 Poms to beat the stages - In excess of 200 levels accessible - Initiate Wizardry to procure more focuses Guidance Make focuses interfacing Poms and arrive at the destinations to go to the following stage! Purchase more charming Pom packs and new capacities to play. How To Play Magic Pom