Laser Cannon 2

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Laser Cannon 2 is a Shooting game Android Game Published by Enjoy Ltd. in Google Play It’s a new sequel of Laser Cannon. LASER CANNON 2 is the addictive and challenging 3D shooter with more than 50 levels. There are 25 new monsters and bosses, 18 different power-ups, laser upgrades system and many more features that will make you enjoy this game for hours. Don’t let them to reach the core because your LASER CANNON is there to protect it! Shoot all the enemies before they shoot your core! The main protagonist in This game is Jeff who has been chosen as the guardian of the core. The evil aliens have invaded Earth, but Jeff has been given an opportunity to fight back. Now he needs your help to raise his laser cannon levels so that he can defend against alien attacks successfully. Join Jeff in his mission, defeat all the alien invaders and bring peace back home in This one Fighting monsters is hard. Not only that, they seem to be getting harder and harder to beat. Your weapon of choice? This amazing game, of course! Fight your way through new enemies and old friends in this epic shooter-MMO hybrid! In Laser Cannon 2, you must fight or be fought as you explore an alien world filled with hostile creatures and mysterious dungeons. You can choose from 4 different characters (each with their own unique abilities) and level up to become stronger and more powerful. The world is yours to explore, but beware the perils that lie within 

This one is a shooting game which you need to play with your friends to beat the other players in a fun battle. In this game,you will have to fight against the enemies and protect your base at all are required to shoot down different enemy characters like ninjas and of these characters has their own types of weapons that they can use against will have to find out their weakness and attack them at every way,you can prevent them from breaking into your base and destroying everything

A new generation of the shooting games has come, This game is the sequel to the classic Laser Cannon. In this game you can choose one of several different characters with different laser powers and weapons. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all of them have a single trait that allows them to join the group as members. Will you be able to shoot down all the monsters before they destroy your base?

This is the second version of my Laser Cannon game. Bugs fixed, new enemies and bosses added. Challenge your friends by playing with them on Google Play Services or using Game Centre. New achievements are also available so keep playing! The game gets harder as you progress through the levels and gain new powers. Good Luck

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