Kingdom of Pixels

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Pixel Combat is a multiplayer side-scrolling action game that involves you managing a Kingdom and its resources to defend against invaders from other kingdoms who seek to take over your land. You can control different heroes in the kingdom and upgrade their abilities so they are able to take down enemy heroes with ease. Build new structures, research new technologies, train soldiers, collect taxes and much more to expand the kingdom. The game has several game modes such as Adventure mode where you start with a blank kingdom map and complete quests before reaching the final boss at end of each quest; Training Mode where it teaches you how to play and understand the controls; Versus Mode which pits two players against each other in battle. Pixel Combat also features an AI version of every character in case you just want to learn how they move without having them actually fight

Pixel Warfare is a 2D pixel based action game inspired by classic side-scrolling arcade games like Mega Man or Castlevania. Shoot, slash, uppercut and pound your way through numerous levels in epic boss battles. Pixel Warfare is an arcade combat game with cool retro graphics and fast paced gameplay. The goal of the game is to defeat your enemies by shooting arrows, throwing daggers, firing crossbows and more! You can also upgrade your characters and purchase new weapons as you play through the longer stages. Your ultimate goal is to become the most powerful warrior in the kingdom. You must reach that status by defeating all other players, raiding their castles and stealing their

In the kingdom of pixels, there are few who can stand their ground against the invading forces of the evil computer AI. These battles will be fought by pixel warriors in a 2D world. They are better known as heroes, RPG or strategy games. Heroes expand from those little characters to entire worlds inhabited by them and other players. In this article we’ll talk about what role do these games play in a gamer’s life, which genre does it belong to and why you should play these games if you haven’t already done so

In the Kingdom of Pixels, anything is possible! It’s a world of limitless possibilities. A place where all your dreams can come true! But not everything is happy right now. There’s a war brewing between the Kingdom of Pixels and the Legion of Bugs. In order to win this war, we need warriors who are ready to fight and have their hands full with the bugs in order to restore peace in our kingdom. Join us today and become the Pixel Warrior that you’ve always dreamed about! Are you ready? Find out now by playing Battle Pixels free-to-play strategy game for Android,

In Kingdom Of Pixels, your kingdom has been struck by a dark force. You must guide your people in a quest to defeat the evil and return peace to the land. In Kingdom of Pixels you take control of Pixxles, an adorable little pixel character that is part of the Etrian Mystery. Just like any other regular pixellated hero, he embarks on an epic quest to defeat the evil and restore peace to the world

Controls W =jump A = move left S = move right D = drop down J /left-click = basic attack K / Ctrl = 1st Ability L / Alt = 2nd Ability B = recall back to spawn [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] = item actives Right-click = sell items (There is an option to enable / disable mouse support at the right side of the screen)