Idle Zoo Safari Rescue

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Are you ready for the zaniest zoo ever? Do you like animals and having fun at the same time? Then this game is just for you! Explore and build your own zoo from scratch. Care for different animals, build them houses and make their lives better as possible. Have a good time with these silly animal friends! ZooIdle is an idle game about caring for an animal-friendly zoo from start to finish. Build your own zoo from scratch with more than 60 different species of animals! Take care of each one individually and provide them with everything they need to thrive in the wild – a safe home, delicious food, premium furniture and toys they love playing with

In this game you will help the cute animals build their own zoo. The critters need your help to collect materials and construct new buildings, so they can finally have a home. But don’t worry, they won’t be working alone! You can help them by helping them improve their lives in many different ways with different achievements. The more activities you complete together, the happier they will become. There are various places the zoo could be located. Since there is no specified area where it should be built, the zoo will consist of multiple buildings and enclosures – which is why we call it an "idle

This is an amazing Clicker Game, where you will help our cute Animal Friends to Explore, Collect and Build up a Safe place for them. This is one of the Ingenious Clicker Games from Adventuree Games. It has many Awesome Features such as:- > Countless Funny and Cute Animals to Collect and Raise > Many Different Types of Buildings that you can build up in order to keep your Animals Happy and Protected > Completely Idle gameplay, so no need to manage anything and just let the game take care of your time > Endlessly Replayable Goals! You will always have something new to aim

Welcome to the Clicker Farm! In this game you play as an animal who got zapped by an unknown force and ended up in a virtual farm. The goal of the game is to feed, take care of and eventually release all of the animals that have been trapped here. Feed them, take care of their needs, and get them ready for their final days on this virtual farm! You'll be able To: - Collect Animals from around the Farm Based on Their Needs - Sell Animals for Coins Based on Their Quality - Buy New Buildings with Coins - Breed Animals to Unlock New

Clicker games are a new type of gaming that gives out rewards in the form of coins, which can be used to buy upgrades or unlock new characters. These in-game currencies are called ‘clickers’. Clicker games have become very popular and there are many great titles available to play right now. In this guide we will walk you through everything you need to know about Clicker Games so that you can start playing them

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