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Are you a word genius? Do you like to solve tricky riddles? Check out this new free online hangman game and test your word knowledge! Hangman is the ideal game for you if you love word puzzles. This classic hangman game tests your vocabulary in a whole new way. Instead of finding words that start with specific letters, you need to guess words from their description instead. Sounds challenging? It sure is - but also has a lot of hints.

Are you a word whiz? Do your kids get words at sight? How about a challenging word hangman game with a stickman that is locked behind bars, trapped in a cell and waiting for you to guess his correct word? Training your word recognition skills just got more exciting! Download this free hangman game and train your vocabulary while having fun. Sounds good eh? Give it a try.

This game is about helping a cute character named Stickman to find the last letter in an word. Sounds simple? It’s not! The word consists of several parts and each part has its own meaning and symbol. You need to use your brain, find the word and help our friend get out of this trap! Let’s start.

This is a simple Hangman game with funny Stickman. Your objective is to guess the word hidden behind the Hangman grid and you need to do it before running out of guesses or reaching the end of the five given letters. If you're stuck, read the third tip.

Did you know that the word “hangman” is probably derived from an old English word “hanging”. It’s believed that this is because in earlier versions of the game, players would substitute a rope for the noose and pretend to hang their opponent.

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