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Match-5 is a casual mobile game that brings a unique gameplay to the genre. The goal of this game is very simple; you just need to match the same color tiles as possible. How many levels can you finish? Test your skills and see how far you can get in this addicting game! Match-5 has cute graphics but also challenging gameplay for free players. You will love it once you try it out! Play Match-5 and enjoy its fun animations, music, sounds, and characters from around the world. This game is perfect for any time spent while waiting at a doctor’s appointment or traveling on an airplane. It’s also great to play when you have some spare time to kill in between work or school assignments. You can enjoy playing Match-5 with your friends and family members at home or during parties and get-togethers outdoors as

The match-5 games have been played on paper, counters and board games for centuries. Now they’re taking the digital world by storm with new match-5 games that are challenging and addictive! Packed with fun minigames and packed full of challenge, this is one app you won’t want to miss out on! With over 25 different game modes, there is something for everyone. No matter your playing style or skill level, there’s a game in here for you! Sum it all up with the multiple ways to play – single player or So what are you waiting for? Dive in today and start matching those

The Flamboyant Five is a gang of young and cute criminals. They are reformed, however but have not changed and have become even more flamboyant than before. Their new schemes involve breaking into super-exclusive houses. In order to gain access to these lavish residences the house owners will hire private investigators to check their security, so the F5 gang sets out to impersonate PIs. Catch them while they are unsuspecting and they won’t be able to change their disguises fast

Match-5 is a unique puzzle game where your goal is to create horizontal or vertical lines of 5 or more blocks by sliding them side to side or up and down. Match-5 has several game modes that will challenge you as well as provide you with many hours of fun gaming! From relaxing time pass to competitive training, there are no shortage of ways to enjoy Match-5. Whether it be in short breaks, long journeys, waiting for friends, studying, traveling etc. - the possibilities are

Bejeweled, the world’s top match-3 puzzle game is now available on your cell phone! Join millions of players and enjoy new ways to play in this mobile version of the classic match-3 game. In this colorful, hypercasual grid game, you need to create matches of 3 or more gems to clear them from the board. KEY FEATURES

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