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Crossy Road is an arcade game for Android. It’s like the Flappy Bird but with cars and more levels. You need to tap on screen to keep the car in air. Watch out for the barriers, they will make you crash! Crossy Road has more than 300 levels. The game gets harder as you go along but it also becomes more fun with each passing level. The best way to play is keeping your eyes on the road and fingers on the dashboard because if you fall or crash, that’s it! You’ll have to start again from Level 1 in this little blue car. The aim of Crossy Road is to reach level 50 before your opponents do. Keep your eye on them and you might just beat their score…or not! There are several game modes such as Story Mode, Time Trials, Endless and Daily Challenges that keeps things interesting as well as being a great way to earn coins so you can unlock new cars, outfits and accessories. Crossy Road has a simple UI that makes it easy for anyone to pick up but master it takes some time and patience. There are also leaderboards if you want to compare your scores against others or look for people who have reached higher levels than you have done so

Crossy Road is an io game developed and published by Moonga. The objective of the game is to collect as many character icons as you can. This can be done by swiping across the screen to control a car that looks like a crossword. Crossy Road has over 10 million downloads so far, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s a great io game for those who love car games and are looking for something new. Crossy Road will test your reflexes and timing. You must tap the screen to successfully complete each level. If you fail, you lose one of your cars, which also means losing some of your precious pips. To unlock new characters in Crossy Road, you must complete certain levels with required number of pips at stake (it could be as few as two pips). You can also use gold coins to purchase new cars from the shop or expand your garage once you’ve unlocked all of them at different levels. There are currently over 50 different characters in Crossy Road alone, including licensed brands such as Ford F-150 Raptor, Bugatti Chiron Veyron and more – plus 10 more will come later on this

Crossy Road is an io game developed by Game Insight. In this game, you control a bunch of cartoon animals who cross the road safely to get to the other side. As they cross different roads and pass through different cities, their adventure will become more interesting and fun! In this game your main goal is to help those animals reach their destination without getting hit by traffic or falling off a cliff. You can choose your own path by moving them left or right so that they stay on the road and don’t get hurt by any cars or buildings. But be careful; if you move them too much, they might fall off the road! The more quickly you tap on the screen, the faster they’ll run across it. Try out all 30 levels in this io game and good

Crossy Road is a mobile endless running game developed by Happy Little Games. It was released on June 17, 2017. Crossy Road is an endless running game where you’re tasked with helping the cross-breed named Cross run as far as he can while dodging other animals that are intent on keeping him from reaching his goal. The game has 40 challenging levels and several unlockable characters to unlock and play with. You can earn coins along the way which you can use to unlock new characters or purchase power-ups for your character. To help keep things interesting, the developers are adding different obstacles and animation styles for each new level they release. This keeps things fresh even after long hours of

Crossy Road is a simple, Addictive-Game. Crossy Road is a casual game in which you have to move the blue ball named Crossy to the finish using your fingers. The player will experience different themes and scenes in different worlds throughout the game. The game has 20 levels by default and more coming soon. There are eight different worlds that you can unlock as you progress in the game. Some of these include Snow World, Haunted World, City World, Kingdom World, Pirate World, Underwater World, Space Adventure and Forest Adventure worlds. These come with new challenges as well as a new variety of environments to help keep things fresh for

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