Garden Tales

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This is a Match-3 game where your goal is to match identical cards in succession. It sounds easy but it may get quite challenging as you progress. The main objective of the game is to clear all the cards from the playing area, and that’s easier said than done! There are many levels within this game, which means there will be more obstacles and difficulties for you along the way. You have to be careful when rotating card or placing them so that they don’t overlap each other. Depending on how fast you play and if you are able to finish all the levels, you will receive more coins with each level completed. It’s not just about matching either! If you place two cards of the same value, it will result in a super combo that can score even higher points! Some super combos also give out additional rewards after completing them such as extra lives, hint coins or special

Play Match-3 Gardens games and match three same cards to get points. The more identical cards you pop, the higher your score will be! But be careful, if you make a mistake or two, it will cost you some points. Try playing with different kinds of bonuses and see how far your score can rise! Match 3 gardens games are some of the most popular casual games on the internet. This is because they are easy to learn but provide many hours of entertainment for players of all ages. The match 3 category has so many great variations that it is almost impossible to go through them all. You can play match 3s with nearly any type of gaming system or device including handhelds, PCs and even mobile phones or tablets. With so many variations in the genre, the potential for new gaming experiences 

Every garden has its fair share of ghost stories and strange occurrences. Whether it’s the tall tale of a ghost hounding a house to its grave, or the chilling account of a wandering spirit searching for love and companionship that have been lost in eternity. There are many haunted gardens out there! It is only natural then that there would be a game made about it as well. Meet Garden Tales, a new HTML5 Match-3 board game from Enterloop Games! In this game you play as one of the gardeners who have come to live in the quaint village of Garden Village. Everyone in town knows you’re new so they don’t really bother you but they might ask if they see you hanging around with others too

The garden of your home is full of wonders and beauty. You may have seen many exotic flowers and plants in your garden, but did you know that there are some special ones as well? In this game, you get to explore the beautiful garden of a fairy and discover various magical creatures at various hidden corner of the garden. Search for clues, match the cards in different patterns to solve interesting puzzles and match them to unlock the doors. There are numerous levels in this game.

Every child knows the story of the boy who raised a pumpkin from seed. This is just one of the countless tales that make up our culture. It’s not hard to see why they are so appealing - after all, who doesn’t want to grow something beautiful and reap the benefits? So what if this isn’t your first gardening experience? Do you have some green thumbs hidden somewhere in your soul? If so, read on for some tips on how to grow your own magical

Instruction Travel around the map by completing the levels. Use your mouse or the touch controls to swap the fruits and vegetables. Match at least three same items to clear the board and match 4 or more to get boosters.