Dressing Up Rush

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Rush is a fun and interesting game for kids called dressing-up game. Children love to play it with their friends at home or out in the yard. The objective of this game is to match as many clothes as possible before time runs out. You can play Rush with your child by setting a timer and have them try to match as many outfits as they can before the timer reaches zero. This will help you keep your child busy during the holiday season while also helping them develop hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and logical thinking abilities. You might even want to double-up on this game so that you have more than one person playing at any given point. Besides helping them hone their self-confidence, playing Rush will also help your child learn how to socialize with others as well as practice patience and concentration in the long run.

Dress Up Rush is a fun and addicting game where you will have to match the right outfit with the right accessories. You have to think fast as the outfits change and new ones are added in every level. The goal is to get all of them on your girl's happy outfits, when you have matched everything correctly. In this dress up rush game, there are different themes available: Baby Girl, Boy, Fairytale and Pirate. Matching each theme has its own unique set of clothes and accessories to keep things interesting. This dress up rush game is played with your mouse

Kids love dressing up and playing pretend games. These games are great for encouraging imagination, helping kids learn social skills, developing cognitive thinking and improving memory. The best part is that these games are also lots of fun! Read on to know more about these kid-friendly games you can play with 

Are you ready to dress up Rush? This is the best game in which you can dress up your little brother Rush. Rush needs new clothes to school. You need to help him find the perfect outfit for his day and be the best dressed children at school! Can you help him find a new school uniform that he will look great

Dress Up is a fun game for girls and boys. Everyone loves playing dress up games. If you love to play games like this, then you will definitely enjoy this game. This game has simple rules but it is so much fun. Let see

Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Slide to move