Cups - Water Sort Puzzle

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Let’s play the Water Cups It game! In this game you will be able to sort out different types of water cups with the help of their visual characteristics. For example, if we look at the volume and surface area of a container, we will be able to distinguish between one type of water and another. As a result, you need to put all the cups with one type of water in one place. This game is especially helpful for children who are in school or kindergarten and need to train logic and cognitive thinking. Playing this game on your browser is easy and fast - just click on the green "START" button above^^ Let's go

In this logic game you have to find pairs of similarly colored cups. The trick is that there are several red cups among the green ones and vice versa. Your task is to figure out in which case each color is located and where it can’t be. There are various levels of difficulty, from easy with only two colors to hard with six colors. Logic puzzles like this one can help improve your concentration and analytical skills. You can also learn new words if you cannot figure out the solution for a specific puzzle. Are you ready to put your brain to the test? Let’s see how many levels you can pass.

Stay hydrated with this fun and challenging water sorting puzzle. Click on the cups to switch their locations. You can only switch locations if they are not occupied by another cup, and the same colored cup cannot have its location switched on both sides simultaneously. If more than one move is possible, clicking a cup will reveal the best possible action based on the current state of the game. The game ends when you have found all 28 solutions or given up. Good luck.

Learn how to sort different types of cups with this simple, fun and educational logic puzzle game! It is your task to sort the cups into groups based on their properties. Each type of cup has a distinct property: some are filled with water, others with coffee and some are purple. Move them around using the arrow keys and sort them into the correct groups by their properties! This game is great for improving logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Cup sorting puzzles are a great way to challenge your logic and reasoning skills. In this webGL game you will be presented with a grid of cups in various sizes and colors. You need to sort the cups into the matching colored piles, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You can only move one cup at a time, and each cup must be able to fit under the adjacent cup in order for you to move it. If you like this game, also check our other browser games

Controls Use the left mouse button to choose the bottle.