Cookie Crush 4

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Cookie Crush is a match-3 puzzle game that challenges the player to create horizontal lines of cookie dough to remove them from the screen. The objective of the game is to match three or more coloured cookies of the same kind, such as milk chocolate gingerbread, or chocolate chip oatmeal raisin, with similar ingredients. It has been downloaded over 100 million times across multiple platforms since its release in December 2011. There are four different games in the series: Cookie Jam, Cookie Rush, Cookie Escape and Cookie Catapult. Cookie Crush 4 is an online match 3 game which you can play for free here at In this new version of this fun match 3 puzzle you have to crush as many cookies as possible by making strategic combinations with different power ups and special items like the bee hive power up which makes the bees fly down on the board and burst it giving you points which are shared between all your connected devices or a tower that builds itself as you use it and then blows up when there's no more support for it causing damage everywhere on the board or a bomb that blows up everything on and below your row once it's been used. The aim of each level is to remove all cookies from the board by matching them horizontally or vertically. Matching certain combinations will result in clearing certain numbers or elements from the board; for example, if 5 cookies are matched horizontally, then those 5 cookies will be removed from play and 5 new cookies

Cookie Crush is a match-3 puzzle game. Match up the sweets to crush them! The goal is to match 3 or more sweets of the same type to crush them and get points. Be careful though, if you don’t match 3 sweets of the same type then no points will be rewarded for that round! Sounds easy? You’re right it does sound easy but it gets harder as you progress. The first level is an introduction where you match candies from one row at a time. As you progress through levels, new types of sweets will be introduced as well as their matching requirements. For example, in some levels you must use 4 different sweets instead of just 3. In addition to matching sweets and crushing them, there are other ways for you to earn extra points like using power-ups wisely or using special boosters to gain many more in a short amount of time

Cookie Crush is a match-3 puzzle video game. In Cookie Crush, you will clear the board by matching same type of candy together. The goal is to remove all of the cookies from the board before they overflow and reach the top of the screen. Matching three or more kinds of candy will produce special candies called combinations. You can use these combinations to clear more rows in one go. When you play this game, you’ll see that there are many match 3 games with different themes out there. So, how do we stand out from the rest? It’s not easy to make your game unique in this saturated market; however, there are some things you can do to give your game an edge

This Cookie Crush game is a blend of various match-3 games! Match and crush cookies to get points and level up. Level up by matching 3 or more same cookies to make them disappear. Earn more points by matching 4 or more same cookies in one go. The higher the level you reach, the harder it will be to clear that level. There are two types of cookies – chocolate chip and sugar cookie – which you can match in different ways. You can only use one type at a time; so think wisely before you start each round! The levels get harder as you advance through the game, so hurry up! Get ready for an adventure with this match-3 puzzle

Cookie Crush is simple. Match three or more cookies to make them disappear. The more you match, the more points you’ll earn! If you love word games, then you will love Cookie Crush as well. This is one of the most played games on Google Play Store with over 250 million players! Cookie Crush 4 is a new updated version of the popular game where you match 3 or more cookies to make them disappear. You can play this game to learn different concepts such as math and strategy. As it has fun graphics, it isn’t just a game but a learning tool

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