City Bus Driver

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City Bus Driver is an immersive and challenging simulation game that puts you in the driver's seat of a bustling urban transit system. In this exciting game, you'll step into the role of a skilled bus driver responsible for safely and efficiently navigating the city's busy streets, picking up passengers, and ensuring they reach their destinations on time.

As you take on the challenging task of managing a city's public transportation network, you'll need to master the art of maneuvering a large bus through crowded traffic, obey traffic rules, and follow a tight schedule. Your passengers' comfort and satisfaction are in your hands, so it's crucial to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride. Can you handle the pressure and become the ultimate City Bus Driver?

City Bus Driver offers a realistic and engaging experience that will test your driving skills and time management abilities. Get ready to explore the urban jungle, transport passengers, and immerse yourself in the daily life of a city bus driver. The city is waiting for you to take the wheel and lead its residents on a journey to their destinations!

Using Mouse