Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter is a combination of "Tetris" and "Connect Four" - that's probably why it is so easy to join the game.

The game rules are very basic, and therefore games suitable for all ages as long as you know how to click can distinguish colors and there are a number of reasonable reasons you can apply for games. Play when you attack the bubble. The purpose of Bubble Shooter is to remove all the bubble lines by aiming and hitting right. Bubble clusters are removed when you press a certainly colored bubble with the same color bubble. As an integral part of the game, you must ensure that the bubble you decide to target is the same color as the bubble you are aiming and shooting at. You may be lucky when you hit a string or a cluster of multiple bubbles that are connected, but usually, you will only be able to remove two, three or four bubbles at once.

At the bottom center of the game window, you will find an arrow. You can change the direction this arrow points to with your computer mouse. Each time you click the left mouse button, you will shoot a new bubble in the current direction of the arrow.

Basically, you only need to shoot when playing Bubble Shooter. However, there are many ways for you to get points faster. The more bubbles you delete in one shot, the more points you will earn.