Brawlhalla Grand Slam

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Brawlhalla Grand Slam is a one-of-a-kind tournament series, combining the fast-paced 5 vs. 5 team gameplay of BRAWL with the dramatic and exciting VENDETTA ruleset (and a whole lot more). Even better, it’s accessible to everyone! The Open Qualifier takes place on January 19th at 10 PM EST; the registration deadline is January 17th. Players from all regions are welcome to compete, but you must meet the minimum rank requirements as listed below. If you don’t have time to register right now, sign up for our newsletter to stay informed about future

The Brawlhalla World Championship is coming up soon and the stakes are higher than ever. In preparation for this momentous event, we’re excited to announce the This one ! Each of these regional tournaments will feature players competing to qualify for the Brawlhalla World Championship and a share of $50,000 in total prize money. Don’t miss your chance to compete against some of the best players in your region and take home a piece of the $50,000 prize pool. Sign up now to secure your spot at one of these exciting locations

The This game was a major tournament series that took place in the Fall and Winter of 2018-2019. The Grand Slam featured some of the best and most influential players in the scene, with over $160,000 USD in prize money up for grabs. Each month, top players competed to take home first place, along with bragging rights and a piece of the $50,000 prize pool! To learn more about this event and its competitors.

What would the world be without grand and exciting sporting events? Nothing, that’s what! As such, the brilliant minds behind Brawlhalla have decided to bring you a brand new Esports event. The This one will bring you two days of intense competition, high stakes, and riveting action. Let us explain exactly what this is all about, as well as how you could get involved in this game wonderful

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