Bloo Kid 2

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Play Bloo Kid 2 Distributed Thu Feb 11 2021 Sort html5 Sub Sort Javascript HTTPS prepared Yes Versatile prepared Yes Portable Mode Scene Measurements 1280x720 Organization winterworks GmbH Classes Arcade Labels mariosonicpixelart#arcade#jump#adventure#action#classic#2d#retro#platformer#indiechiptune Portrayal In the wake of saving his sweetheart from the hands of the underhanded wizard, Bloo Child and Pink Young lady appreciate existence with their infant "Pink Kid". In any case, at that point, an entirely different experience begins barely out of the bloo... Bloo Child 2 is an exemplary 2D retro-style platformer experience with beautiful planned pixel-illustrations and a full chiptune soundtrack. Run, bounce and swim your way through FIVE gigantic universes with twelve levels each. Expert fierce bossfights and find heaps of mysteries in the realm of Bloo Child 2. Key Highlights * five universes with twelve levels each * carefully assembled, beautiful pixel-illustrations * a full chiptune soundtrack * epic manager fights * huge loads of privileged insights * super exact controls Guidance The game can be controlled with the bolt fastens or the onscreen controls. Press Left/Option to move Press Up to bounce Press Down to leave stages Press Up while noticeable all around for a twofold hop Press Up while in water to swim Obliterate adversaries by hopping on them How To Play Bloo Kid 2