Black Stallion Cabaret

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The world is filled with mystical creatures and fantastical places. From deep forests to the ends of the Earth, there are many wondrous locations that hide secrets and danger around every corner. Some people seek them out while others hunt them down. Some are marked for greatness while others are doomed to be forgotten or destroyed. You may be one of those people, or you may be the one who catches them all, but no matter what your role is in this vast world, you need a place where everyone can come together and celebrate all that is wonderful about life and the natural world that enriches it. A place where children can play games, teens can sing songs and adults can have a drink after work. That place is known as The Stables: A magical fairy village nestled deep in the heart of the Black Hills mountains where even the most wicked witches and warlocks dare not venture; it’s all yours! Here you’ll find beautiful cabins by an idyllic lake, a majestic castle, cozy stables for horses and carriages, an enchanted forest where fairies dance under sparkling stars at night and mysterious ruins filled with riches beyond imagination. But beware! Horror lurks in these woods just like everywhere else in our world; dangers lie hidden behind cheery facades as well as masked by kindness, so keep your wits when you take risks.

Come meet the Stallion Cabaret, a new kind of RPG where you play as a horse. Explore an open-world full of fantastical lands and hidden caves. Meet friends and other players along your journey to become an internationally renowned equestrian star. Unlock helpful tools such as the blacksmith to craft weapons, armor and accessories for your horse avatar. Spend time at the blacksmith crafting different types of accessories for your horse or customizing your steed with new colors. Do quests, compete in competitions and earn renown from each victory to win fame and followers. There are plenty of different paths you can take to become the best rider in all of Equestria. Are you ready to set up?

Stallion Cabaret is a casual game where you take care of your very own horse. Feed him, brush him and take good care of him! Just like in the old times, when men rode horses and cared for them. It was not easy back then and it is not easy now. But with love, patience and good feeding habits, your horse will blossom into a beautiful creature. You can buy different houses where you can keep your horse after buying certain upgrades to house itself away from prying eyes. You can also sell some of the horse’s parts to make a profit if you so desire. Or you can just sell everything you don’t need for cash; who knows? Maybe one day you will find your stallion in need

A young girl is kidnapped from her home in the woods and taken to an enchanted animal mansion. There she must work with a team of domesticated animals to rescue herself and escape. The only problem? They’ve been locked inside for years, their keepers long vanished and no one knows why they were built in the first place.

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