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Battledudesio is a multiplayer io game. The player controls a single-eyed character with various weapons and gadgets. The goal of the player is to destroy all enemy characters. Players can attack other players in their base, or try to capture the opponent’s base. The game has various maps, characters, weapons and much more. As we all know that every io game likes to test one’s reaction time and aiming abilities, but This one brings it up to another level. It tests your patience as well as your reflexes. You have to be quick on your fingers and quick in thinking; if you are slow then you will most probably lose the battle pretty quickly! With its exciting graphics, this io game will surely keep you hooked for hours at end! No wonder why it has over 7 million downloads

Battle Dudes is a first-person shooter video game developed by Self Mutilation Games and published by Ripstone Games. It was released on the iOS platform on February 5, 2016. The game is inspired by 80s action films such as Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, Cannonball Run, Raw Deal or Over the Top. Battle Dudes focuses on the rivalry between two rival car clubs that compete in illegal street races and demolition derbies across the country. Players control their character with either one or two virtual joysticks at any given time. They can also swap an assumed role if they want so to avoid detection by dissidents

Brawl on! is a multiplayer HTML5 game. The goal is to eliminate all opposing players by shooting them with your sniper rifle from the upper floors of an office building. To win, you must be the last man standing and have the highest score at the end of 3 rounds. It’s a simple concept but it makes for great tactical gameplay. Players will have to plan their strategy in order to survive as long as possible and take out as many opponents as they can before time runs out. This means they will have to use every nook and cranny available in each level in order to stay one step ahead 

This game is an awesome combat shooter game for mobile and online HTML5 players. In this game, you will experience the real-time multiplayer battle games with your friends. Battle against different types of enemies in multiple maps and environments. Your primary goal is to eliminate all the opposing players before they eliminate you. Each player has unique and upgradable weapons and special abilities that can be used strategically against your opponents. Play This amazing game

Battle Dudes is a multiplayer action game with elements of a bullet-hell shmup and puzzle. The goal of the player is to survive against waves of enemies until the end of each battle. During the fight, the player can tap on their screen to attack enemies, turn into different superheroes for special powers and even summon powerful mythological creatures to aid their

Instruction W A S D - move. R - reload. E - enter car. Left mouse click - shoot. Right mouse click - show emote. Mouse wheel or 1 2 3 4 - switch weapons. Controls can be changed in the settings menu.