Adventures with Pets! Bubble Shooter

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Bubble Shooter is a simple yet challenging game. The objective is to shoot colored bubbles to match the target on the field and score points. You have to eliminate all the bubbles and targets to win the game. In this Bubble Shooters, you will meet funny characters and many more. As you advance through the levels, it will get more challenging for you. However, with practice, you will get an upper hand over your opponents. It’s played with two different modes – Arcade Mode and Challenge Mode. It has more than 50 levels in each mode. Each new level will be harder than the previous one! Bubble Shooter offers various obstacles that can make things worse if you are not careful enough. The controls of this game are very simple – just tap anywhere on the screen where bubbles are present to shoot them outwards with your colored bubble gun. Hopefully, you have enough patience for this game because it can seem like an eternity until you finally beat a

Bubble Shooter is a free online arcade game that you can enjoy here at In this version of Bubble Shooter, you will shoot bubbles to match three or more. It is a very addicting and simple game that you can play whenever you want for free. You will get to play as many games in this genre as you want as well because there are different levels and themes that come along with each new level or theme. You can always feel free to continue playing even after you finish one level because there are so many more waiting for you in the future. Have

Bubble shoot game is a fun shooting game. You will love this game if you like shooting games. In this game you have to save the cute animals from the pipe. Have fun!! If you like this game, rate it and share it with your friends. More levels will be added soon in future updates. Follow us on social media for more

The Bubble Adventures is a wonderful game for those who are fond of pets and bubble shooting games. The objective of this game is to match 3 or more same bubbles of the same color. If you master it, it will be very easy for you to clear all the

In this game you will get familiar with the pet of your friend – a magical dog named Bubbles. Your goal is to help him as much as possible around the house and in the outside world. With your pet's help you can also have some

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